Spanbeton vision

The future developments in society, the construction sector in general, and Spanbeton’s direct market will be important for Spanbeton’s positioning.

Mobility is a priority
Accessibility is and remains crucially important for the Dutch economy. Logistics is one of the most important pillars of Dutch prosperity, and the quality of the infrastructure is essential for this. In spite of the global economic crisis, this means investments in this infrastructure will continue to be necessary to guarantee the accessibility of ports, airports, industrial parks and residential cores. This does not take away from the fact that the availability of financial resources is under pressure and there will be demand for cheaper solutions and alternative forms of financing.

Knowledge is key
Contractors are moving up in the construction industry. This process has been underway for years, and is continuing. Suppliers have to keep up to fill the knowledge and skill gap, and they are increasingly becoming supply chain partners. Suppliers can get involved in the design process earlier as knowledge partners, and they help to determine reduced execution risks or simple, fast-to-build concepts, for example.

Less disruption
New financiering methods and the urgency of resolving bottlenecks mean that projects need to be completely more and more quickly. Construction speed, traffic disruption and safety are increasingly important to do this. Prefab construction provides an answer to all these challenges.

Spanbeton aims to be the logical partner to meet these challenges by continuing to develop knowledge and always coming up with new solutions.