Spanbeton: a solution for every precast project

Within the constantly changing market and society, Spanbeton finds that long-lasting relationships and transparent cooperation are of prime importance. Consistent quality of products and services is a requirement within our organisation. At Spanbeton, we do what we promise and we draw on our own strength. Mutual trust and constant self-criticism keeps Spanbeton sharp.

Whether it comes to specific project solutions or technical innovations, Spanbeton is constantly looking for new opportunities for improvement. We encourage our employees to show initiative and to take responsibility. With this approach, we help our clients find the right way to reach their goals.

Spanbeton offers the ‘best for project’ solution in both the preliminary design phase of a project and for the installation of our elements. We meet logistical challenges and technically complicated problems with our own Engineering Office, our in-house Research & Development department and our own installation team.

A total of about 25 engineers work at Spanbeton. They start thinking about a project from the preliminary design phase. With this early collaboration, we achieve the most economically advantageous solutions. A solution that fits best for every precast problem.

We use advanced software, drawing programs and 3D modelling for the design and engineering. This enables us to meet the increasing demand to contribute ideas and to work in BIM-driven projects.

We also look for partnerships with Technical Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences and we provide a practical basis for their engineers’ ideas.

Our specialised knowhow provides substantial advantages. In the design phase, we can quickly assist with research on economical applications, alternatives, dimensioning, quantitative analyses and cost estimates.

The earlier Spanbeton is involved in a project, the greater the added value will be!

At your service
Spanbeton aims to support its clients in the construction process with close contact with our suppliers and excellent customer service. Approachability, short lines of communication and a transparent attitude form the basis of Spanbeton’s approach.

With our own specialised installation team, Spanbeton achieves controlled and safe execution of projects.
We work closely with long-term partners for transport, crane capacity, transverse prestressing and casting work. This close teamwork leads to reduced risks for clients and solution-oriented service.
With all the transport, installation and the associated construction site work taken care of by Spanbeton, we achieve a safe and controlled construction process.

Spanbeton strives to be excellent in all its work. To achieve this, we are constantly in discussion with our partners, relations and employees.
A professional organisation that stands out for its service and customer-oriented approach.

Consolis Netherlands
Spanbeton and its sister company VBI are subsidiaries of the French company Consolis SAS, and together they form Consolis Nederland. There is regular exchange of data regarding production and product development with their international sister companies. We supply the Netherlands and the surrounding border regions, including Belgium.