Grobbendonk Belgium

In one weekend, Spanbeton transported and assembled 11 slim beams for the Grobbendonk E313 highway project in Belgium.


Grobbendonk Belgium

The 55 meter beams were produced at Spanbeton’s plant in the Netherlands and then transported to the installation site in Belgium first by boat from the plant at Koudekerk aan den Rijn, and then by road for the final few kilometres.
De bridge consists of two staticly undetermined decks in a cross angle of 35 degrees. The beams are 55 meters long, the same length as the total bridge, 800 mm. in height and wheigh 120 tons.

The extraordinary thing about these 55 m long beams is that both ends of the beams protruded 12 m beyond the supports during transport to be able to get the beams to the construction site. The beams were placed on a pontoon and sailed from our factory to a container terminal in Grobendonk, where two mobile cranes lifted the beams onto specially prepared trucks for the last few kilometers to the construction site.

The assembly took place during a complete enclosure of the highway E313 and a 24 hour scrapping of the railtrack.

Good preparation and an intergral approach between all parties involved, resulted in a smooth process. The part of the highway closed of this part of the project was reopened 9 hours earlier than planned.