On order of the SAAone and Rijkswaterstaat consortium, Spanbeton produced and delivered the prefab beams for 26 bridges in the project SAA A1-A6 in the Netherlands.

SAAone & Rijkswaterstaat

SAA - A1-A6 The Netherlands

In the coming years, Rijkswaterstaat will be widening the motorways on the Schiphol – Amsterdam – Almere (SAA) route in the Netherlands. This widening will improve traffic flow, travel time and liveability along this route.
Consortium SAAone is building the A1-A6 Diemen-Almere section of the route.

Knowledge partner in project
Spanbeton has been involved in the A1-A6 subproject as a knowledge partner from an early stage. An optimal prefab design was created and in particular Spanbeton’s installation knowledge was used.
Spanbeton was involved in the construction of 26 bridges, among others 4 fly-overs.

For the construction of the Hollandse Brug, Spanbeton installed the first part of the prefab ZIPXL- beams in January and the second part in April of 2015. They were transported over water.