New Generation Sleeper - NG30

A new improved concrete sleeper, replacing the bearer-type sleeper in tight curves. The NG30 is a mono-block sleeper and compared to the 14-002 bearer, has a simplified design, with less components but has approximately the same weight.

Advantages compared to the 14-002 are:

The sleeper is pre – assembled and can be used in standard track-machinery. Manual labour in track is no longer necessary. A smaller margin of error because of the pre-assembly of the components and because of the simplifed design with less components.
Reduction of assembly time in track.
The square head of the sleeper prevents shifting/moving in track.
Optional the sleeper can be mounted with an under sleeper pad (USP) to reduce vibration/mitigation and further improve the lifecycle of the track.
All of the advantages above and lower lifecycle costs result in a more effcient, durable and sustainable product.