Health & Safety

Health & Safety comes first at Spanbeton.

Whether we are stressing steel, lifting elements or consulting with our clients about the design of a bridge or viaduct: health & safety play a role in all facets of Spanbeton’s work.

For this reason, Spanbeton works with the safety programme “Omzien Naar Elkaar” [Looking Out For Each Other] or: “ONE”.

With this programme, Spanbeton works to minimise safety risks and prevent unsafe situations. We focus on achieving 0 accidents.

With ONE, we say as a company:

  • Safety comes first at Spanbeton.
  • Safety speaks for itself.
  • Every employee, customer, partner and visitor of Spanbeton comes first.
  • They work safely in a safe environment.
  • We work on safety together and we make sure that others are also safe.
  • We talk to each other about safety.
  • Our culture is based on working safely or not at all.