In the framework of corporate social responsibility and sustainability, Spanbeton has developed the Eco-Sleeper together with Dutch railway companies Voestalpine Railpro and Bonder Recycling.

The Eco-Sleeper is an environmentally conscious alternative to the conventional NS90 sleeper.

Traditional Portland cement is used to produce NS90 sleepers. The production of Portland cement releases a lot of CO2. This makes the sleepers one of the largest CO2 emission factors in the construction or renewal of a railway track. Eco-Sleepers are produced using blast furnace cement. Blast furnace cement is made up of residual material from steel production, as a result of which is has much lower CO2 emissions. Recycled ballast material from the railway line is also reused in the sleepers. A great example of cradle to cradle! According to ProRail’s calculations, the Eco-Sleeper has at least 20% lower CO2 emissions than traditional NS90 sleepers.