SKK box girders are rectangular prestressed beams that are assembled into a bridge deck by cast-in-place joints and transverse prestressing. Any desired bridge width can be created by varying the joint width between the beams. The beams are provided with grooves to make the longitudinal joints. The transverse prestressing is applied after the joints have hardened enough.

The use of prestressed box girders in bridge decks provides a number of attractive advantages:

  • Saving in construction height
  • a deck that is prestressed in two directions is available for traffic after 1 week
  • SKK box girders can be supplied with a horizontal curve with a radius of at least 50 metres
  • The SKK box girder system can be made collision resistant.

The SKK box girder system is suitable for statically determinate constructions. They can be used to create perpendicular and angled crossings.

Spanbeton 3P
Motorways keep getting wider and building support points between the lanes is increasingly undesirable. This demands greater spans. There is the threat that viaduct constructions get thicker and that longer on and off ramps become necessary. However, a slim viaduct is a more elegant solution.
Spanbeton satisfies this wish with the patented Spanbeton® 3P bridge deck as a special application of the SKK box girder.

The Spanbeton® 3P system is based on a very intelligent and advanced method of prestressing with three different prestressing techniques. For this technique, Spanbeton has developed special tensioning systems with its partner Dywidag Systems International (DSI). This requires the viaduct to be built to have at least two spans in line. The system combines a slender viaduct, savings on earthwork ramps and good traffic flow.

Spanbeton®-4P system
By using transverse prestressing at the intermediate support points of the bridge/viaduct intelligently, supporting beams are no longer necessary. At the location of the columns, the bridge deck is provided with extra internal reinforcement and transversely prestressed in concentration. This extra prestressing is called Spanbeton® 4P.

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